First Year Inside Puget Sound Application

    First Year Inside Puget Sound (FYI Puget Sound) is an invite-only pre-college program, scheduled from Saturday, Aug. 5 to Friday, Aug. 18. It is designed to make your transition from high school to college a productive and rewarding experience. Over two weeks, you will:
    • Move into your residence hall early
    • Earn credit toward your degree at no cost
    • Find comfort in the classroom and across campus
    • Get a sense of what to expect on your first day of the fall semester. 
    In addition to the two-week course, you will participate in enrichment activities with your FYI cohort and the FYI director throughout your entire first year. The program is free and upon successful completion, Puget Sound will help you cover your textbook expenses for all of your first-year courses. If you have any questions, please contact us at
    Selection Process
    • Filling out this form is the first step in securing your spot in FYI Puget Sound. Space in the program is limited and filling out this form does not guarantee a spot in the program.
    • We will confirm your place in the program by early-June or within two weeks of your form submission. Your confirmation will be delivered by email.
    • If your spot is confirmed, you will be registered for the FYI Puget Sound course.
    I understand and acknowledge the following:
    • Once my spot in FYI Puget Sound is confirmed, I will be expected to:
      • Move into my residence hall on Friday, Aug. 4, 2023
      • Attend class sessions and other activities during the two weeks of the program
    • Once I successfully complete the FYI Puget Sound program:
      • My textbook expenses will be covered by Puget Sound for fall 2023 and spring 2024 courses.
    Your Information