Campus Visits & Events

    We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

    Campus tours and general information sessions are available most weekdays throughout year. September - April we expand our offerings to include appointments with professors, meetings with coaches, and class visits on select days each week outside of holidays and campus recess periods. 

    Once you have registered for your visit with us you will receive a confirmation email with more information about what to expect from your visit, as well as information about directions, parking, and health safety guidelines. We also encourage you to maximize the benefits of visiting campus by participating in some of our virtual visit options prior to your arrival.

    Here are some additional details to assist you with your visit plans:

    • Please expect traffic when traveling along I-5 to visit Puget Sound. It is best to provide double the time your map program might show, as the I-5 corridor (especially traveling south from Seattle) is often congested.
    • Much of your visit will take place outdoors, so please dress for the weather! A small travel umbrella, or a light rain jacket with a hood might come in handy.
    • There are water filling stations throughout campus. Thanks for bringing along your bottle for use while visiting with us.

    Register now by selecting your chosen date below.

    Dates with available appointments are shaded green on the calendar.

    If you have any questions about registration, or would like to explore options if your chosen date is unavailable, please contact us at or 253.879.3211.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

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